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Saturday, 20 May 2017 14:46
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Travis is a songwriter, musician, realtor, and Motörhead born and raised in Miami, Florida. 

Growing up watching his father Barry Gibb, it was only natural for Travis to want to be in the music business himself. Living through the early 90's listening to Dance music in its true early modern form, he was inspired by artists and bands like The Prodigy , The Chemical Brothers, Dj Tiesto , Paul Okenfold, just to name a few. With all that inspired him, he set off to learn how to produce electronic music for himself. He spent some years as a DJ for house parties with friends and small clubs in his teen years. He Graduated from Full Sale, a Music Recording School in Orlando, Florida, at age 21.  In the music studio is where he says he is most comfortable. Taking his time to find just the right sound for every track. These days, when he's not in the studio or showing property in Miami, you can find him staying in shape and enjoying family life.   

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