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Wednesday, 12 April 2017 22:41
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"The Man knew how to rock a fedora"

The Gibb Collective is a Bee Gees and Andy Gibb tribute album with a twist: all the performers are related to Barry, Robin, Maurice and Andy. What began as just Samantha Gibb (daughter of Maurice) recording a cover of New York Mining Disaster 1941 evolved into a 10-track album including her brother Adam as well as cousins Stephen and Travis (Barry’s sons), Beri Gibb (the niece of the Bee Gees who was raised as their sister), Spencer and RJ (Robin’s sons) and Peta Gibb (Andy’s daughter).

Other than Samantha’s ethereal interpretation of New York Mining Disaster 1941, another early standout for me is Spencer’s almost Dennis Wilson-like take on Don’t Fall In Love With Me from 1981’s Living Eyes. The Bee Gees version is probably in my all-time top 20 favourite non-hit Gibb songs and it’s a shame more people haven’t heard that unforgettable hook and harmony of, “Gonna’ be a lonely night / nothing but a lonely night.” read more go to:

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