The Gibb Collective is a musical tribute, a family legacy and a fresh new take on classic songs. The Bee Gees left us with some of the most memorable music of the 70’s. And now the children of Andy, Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb have found a new way to honor their fathers through music, The Gibb Collective. The Gibb Collective was founded in 2016 by Maurice’s daughter, Samantha, and quickly blossomed from a single into their first full album, The Gibb Collective (Official) Album. The album is a collection of covers infused with new life and recorded by some of the children and younger sister to all four brothers. For updates on events follow them on Facebook and Twitter (@GibbCollective).

The Gibb Collective May 02, 2017

 The Gibb Collective as children.

Summer Solstice Festival in Iceland April 30, 2017

Hey Everyone!  Samantha Gibb and her band will be playing this June at Iceland's Summer Solstice Festival with 24 hours of sunlight! They will be playing their own music as…

Glastonbury Festival with Stephen Gibb on guitar and vocals with his father Barry Gibb April 25, 2017

Stephen Gibb will be on guitar and vocals this June with his father, Barry Gibb at the Glastonbury Festival in England!   Read more

Roxborogh Report Interview with Samantha Gibb April 12, 2017

"The Man knew how to rock a fedora" The Gibb Collective is a Bee Gees and Andy Gibb tribute album with a twist: all the performers are related to Barry,…

Peta Gibb Interview March 17, 2017

PETA Weber has never wanted to speak publicly about her father, Andy Gibb, the youngest brother of Bee Gees fame.  She didn’t want to acknowledge that she had a celebrity…

Sydney Chic Interview March 04, 2017

I've been a fan of the Bee Gees for over four decades and was delighted to get the opportunity to review a new album, "Please Don't Turn Out the Lights'…